• Learning objectives

    • Understand the variety of data sources which may supply data for an app
    • Compare the 'Add data from files and other sources' and 'Script editor' load data options
    • Know how to load tables from multiple data sources
    • Appreciate how key fields are identified and form associations between tables

  • Example files

    This archive contains a variety of different file types which will be used in the video demonstration and exercise assignments which follow.  You will need to extract the files from the zip archive and save them to a convenient location in your Windows directory.

  • Interactive video

    These videos will use simple example data files (of various types) in order to show the basic features of the different options for loading data into an app, including the 'Add data from files and other sources' option and the 'Script editor' option.  The main capabilities of the 'Select data' dialog will also be discussed, allowing you to ensure that data is appropriately interpreted before being loaded into the app.  The video will also introduce you to the way in which Qlik Sense identifies fields in different tables as key fields and creates associations between tables which can be used to seamlessly create visualizations using values from different tables in the data model. And, the process of loading data in the Qlik Sense Desktop, Qlik Sense Cloud, and Qlik Sense Enterprise environments will be compared.

  • Self-paced practice

    Open this document in order to view step-by-step instructions for loading four tables from four different sources into an app, on your own.

  • Takeaway document

    This document compares the 'Add data from files and other sources' and 'Script editor' options which are available in Qlik Sense, and provides information about using the Data manager's data profiling capabilities.  It also shows the potential pitfall of creating visualizations when a data model does not have sufficient associations between tables.

  • Test yourself

    This simple 5-question quiz will help you confirm that you've got it and are ready to move on to other learning modules.  Feel free to submit your first attempt, review, then re-attempt the quiz as many times as you like.

  • Version information

    This module is based on Qlik Sense February 2019 Patch 1 (13.9.2)


    Previous modules are available, based upon earlier versions of Qlik Sense:
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