• Learning objectives

    • Know the different places to search
    • Understand what is searched in each place
    • Learn how a search may be performed in each place

  • Example files

    These files are used in the video demonstration and exercises which follow. You will need to download and extract the files from this zip archive in order to be prepared to learn.

  • Interactive video

    These videos touch upon the wide variety of text search capabilities which are found in Qlik Sense.  The demonstration shows how these search tools may be used to more efficiently develop an app and conduct an analysis.  Special attention is given to the application of wildcards and other search qualifiers in different search places within an app.

  • Self-paced practice

    Open this document in order to view step-by-step instructions for gaining some practice with the concepts you have learned, on your own.

  • Takeaway document

    This single-page document shows the places in Qlik Sense where searches may be performed, what is searched, and some of the search tools which may be applied within certain search places.

  • Test yourself

    This simple 5-question quiz will help you confirm that you've got it and are ready to move on to other learning modules.  Feel free to submit your first attempt, review, then re-attempt the quiz as many times as you like.

  • Version information

    This module is based on Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 2 (11.11.3)


    Previous modules are available, based upon earlier versions of Qlik Sense:
  • Submit questions

    Interact with other students and Qlik instructors by visiting a forum.